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What is LeagueStock?

LeagueStock is a fantasy sports app that mimics a stock market for athletes. The better your players perform during the season, and the more in-demand they are, the more money you can earn.

Wait, I can actually earn money?

That’s right! Make the right picks and you could pull in big money.

You mentioned stocks — do you mean real stocks?

Okay, so this is where the “fantasy” in fantasy sports comes into play: We’re not a regulated financial services provider. And you’re not purchasing any form of securities from LeagueStock. When entering a contest (or rather “investing in athletes”), you don’t actually own any share in the athlete, or any tokens issued by or on behalf of the athlete in the real world. In fact, athlete shares have no real-world value and are not commonly traded. By participating in our contests, you expressly acknowledge that you do not have any ownership, proprietary or other rights over the actual athlete. We just provide a fun way to play fantasy sports and help you win money.

Is LeagueStock legal?

Yes, playing on LeagueStock is totally legal, although our referees (lawyers) have provided some unbreakable guidelines that may vary by age and region: You must be a U.S. resident 18 years of age or older (19+ in AL & NE, or 21+ in MA) in order to participate. Overall, paid fantasy sports contests are void where prohibited by law. Users physically located in Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, and Washington are not eligible to participate unfortunately—rules are rules, after all. LeagueStock makes no representation that participating in paid daily fantasy sports contests is lawful under Texas state law.

Is LeagueStock free?

Yes! There is no fee to download or join.

How do you make money if you don’t charge a sign-on fee?

While there’s no fee to sign up, once you begin buying and selling stock, you’ll run into minimum transaction fees. But don’t worry. Our transaction fees are the lowest in the industry (around 1.5%).

What kind of sports are on LeagueStock?

Currently, just the latest active NBA roster. But we plan to expand to other sports soon, so stay tuned!

Are pro sports only offered? What about college athletes?

Right now we're running with the pros. Unfortunately, college sports are not eligible for LeagueStock. But we’re thinking of adding a few events around the drafts because we know sports fans are always scouting out the next big win.

Okay, I’m in! How do I play?

Simply download the app, set up an account, add funds, and start building your dream team portfolio. LeagueStock contest periods open on draft day and close after the playoffs have concluded or when the league season has officially ended.

What's this about a waitlist?

Due to LeagueStock's growing popularity, new users are added to a temporary waitlist. Think about it like you're first off the bench. Browse teams and players, track your free stock, and add players to your watchlist – you just can’t deposit or buy new shares just yet. We will notify you as soon as your account is activated!

When does LeagueStock’s fantasy stock market open & close?

Our market is open 24 hours a day! You can buy or sell shares of your favorite athletes whenever the inspiration hits you.

How do I get free mystery stock?

All you need to do is download the LeagueStock app and make a qualified deposit. Terms and conditions apply.

What is LeagueStock Cash?

LeagueStock Cash is the money you have available in your account to invest. LeagueStock Cash does not include the value of pending orders or pending withdrawals.

How much are athletes’ shares worth?

Every share available for purchase on LeagueStock has two different monetary values: the Player Performance Index and Share Price. Read more here.

Is it true that demand will drive up the value of my stock?

That’s right. And that’s a great way for you to win on this app—pick the players who can go far. And once they do, they’ll be in demand, driving up the Share Price. Pro tip: Buy low and sell when the demand is high.

What if no one wants to buy my shares?

You won’t ever be stuck with shares you can’t get rid of. You’ll be able to sell any share you’d like.

Can I cash out anytime or just at the end of the season?

You can sell your shares on the market whenever you like. Any shares held at the end of each season are automatically liquidated at their Player Performance Index value.

Can I keep money in my LeagueStock account at the end of the season? Or rollover my stocks to another sport?

According to our LeagueStock referees, once a sport’s season is over, all money earned will be cashed out into your account. We can’t break those rules … yet.

I have no questions but LeagueStock sounds like an awesome idea!

Thanks! We think so too! We hope it enhances your fan experience (and wallet) tenfold!

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